Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Music: the piano guys

Dearest readers,
        I believe that music is something that noone should live without it defines us, explains us and moves us like nothing else can. the peice of music in this clip is extraudenary not just because it was performed by only two people with a multitude of sounds but because of the feeling it sends down my spine when i just listen to it. Today I am going to talk about The Piano Guys because they use music to their advantage to create peices that move people from laughter to tears, not all of you may enjoy this but some of you i hope will apreciate the work that has gone into creating this peice and the beauty of its finished product. thankyou and enjoy.
even if you dont have the time to listen right now please feel free to come back another time to try it and also to read my other posts as well.
blessed be!

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