Sunday, 16 December 2012

The spooky christmas/yule

Most darling readers of the dark and witchy inclinations,

          This post is all about how to make you christmas or yule respectively dark and spooky (i know that christmas and yule are only a week away but still). first off the pinnacle of any winter celebration the tree. you can now get trees in all manner of shape and sizes and i would suggest either a black or dark red synthetic tree from a garden center or supermarket adorned with all the dark baubles and halloween tinsel you can get your hands on
yes indeed readers so deck out in purple fairy lights, dark tinsel and whatnot, put on tim burtons nightmare before christmas and snuggle up in those cold evenings with F.L.A.G playing in the background whilst reading miss Emilie Autumns book Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls or Jillian Venters Gothic Charm School or any spooky novella that takes your fancy. as for everything else well is it really that difficult readers? Get out your tea and make spooky holiday cards using your craft stuff you have in a box somewhere, cook up spooky delights and sweet treats and most importantly have fun and enjoy the holiday.
blessed be!

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