Monday, 10 December 2012


dear readers,
         Unfortunately this is a bit of a boring one but I am writing this as partly a travel blog (I know I havent done much travelling yet but DW next year I have lots of travelling plans so it will be a busy year ^^....hopefully :/ ) so I thought it would be handy to some of you darklings out there to have some information about this, especially those of you in Europe and the UK.
Now most people in the UK will understand what I mean when I say EHIC but for those of you that dont it means European Health Insurence Card which is essential for when travelling in and around europe now I have just renewed mine for my college trip taking place in about April May time (we are going to Malaga in Spain) and it cost about £18 ish (£17.something lol) but if you want to be sure you get good healthcare if goddess forbid anything happened then this is the card for you. well thats all for now but i will hopefully be back soon with more dark witchy travel news of some sort or other.
blessed be and see you next time!

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