Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Year = New Starts

Greetings faithfully dark readers and a happy new year to you all if a little (lot) belated,
                           Well its finally here the long awaited and sceptically anticipated, considering all the end of the world stuffs lol, 2013. This year for me personally is the year of new beginings and the gateway into creating the future. I am in my last few terms of college as many of you may be in your last terms of college and university also or even high school.
It is my New years resolution to join some sort of club (most likely a choir), pass my course and to save enough money to be able to travel in 2014 (hopefully) in this year i will also be looking for a full time job after college and going to texas for my mums wedding. To which i promise i will be posting in full about my journey to the lone star state (hopefully it will actually happen this year fingers crossed).
i would also like to ask all of my faithfull readers to please feel free to ask me any questions and give suggestions on what sort of topics you would like me to post about throughout the year thankyou
blessed be!

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