Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow cold spring

Good evening my delectably dark readers,
                   As those of you in the UK will know we have had rather a good bit of snow over the past week or so with more predicted to fall in the north. Luckily it seems us in the east will not be getting any more but it is still rather chill which brings me onto todays topic; cold weather clothing. Now as many of my readers will agree this time of year is good for us because we can get out all of our full skirts out or look dapper in you boys suits and such and stay snuggly in black. However velvet doesnt really react well with the snow and rain and dont even get me started about silk. However luckily we have the good old denim, cotton and wool to fall back on. I'm not saying that velvet and silk  are totall nono's but is ill advised to wear without protective clothing over the top. anyways thats all for now so blessed be!

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