Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Valentines preperation idea's

Greetings my darling dark and witchy readers of all ages and nationalitys,
                     My my my hasnt it been a busy few weeks here in the UK with deadlines, new starts, planning for valentines and preparing for the last terms of college and all those of you working hard as well in your jobs and with your families. I would like to thank you all for reading my little blog here and hope you continue to do so when time allows of course, that means no slacking off you school goers :)
Today i wish to talk to you about the ever closer valentines day and give you a few tips on how to prepare yourselves for both those of you lucky enough to be in relationships and those souls out there like me that are currently single. firstly for you lucky couples; firstly decide when your going to be able to spend time with each other either during the day or the evening then go out and do something together even if thats something as simple as a picnic in your living room or at a nice restauraunt or do an activity that you both love from arts to sports to movies just enjoy your time together but remember to plan so that you both know what your doing when so noone has an excuse to be un fashionably late ^^
And now for those of us in the singles isle; my first rule is this do not go around glaring at every happy couple you see and dont be supprised if your favourite restauraunt is doing a couples only evening i know that it can be hard not to but still its only one day a year right? secondly dont throw yourself onto the only single guy at the bar in a drunken state its totally unattractive and needy, im not saying i havent done that before but the impression it leaves is never good guys. anyways rant over now on what to do; arrange a singles party or sleepover with all your other single friends and have fun if none of your friends are single then go out and have fun doing what you want to do go to the bar and flirt a little or to the club and dance your heart out the point is to enjoy yourself and not sit in a room eating copius ammounts of chocolate being mopey writing heartbreak poetry or the like and crying about your lonliness it doesnt solve the problem if anything it makes it worse and that sort of thing i have heard and do know from experience looking back at the woes of your past can be most cringeworthy.
so there you have it my little slice of advice for planning valentines in a nut shell and it barely scratches the surface until next time blessed be!

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