Sunday, 4 November 2012


my dearest readers,
        now goodness knows i believe all you darklings to be good mannered young 'snarklings' as The Lady of the Manners would like (check out her blog at gothic charm schools website) but there is one little thing we all have done at some point or another in our life and that is lie.
unfortunately i would love to be able to say i have never lied but we all know that is not true i dont believe anyone in the world can say they have never told a lie except perhaps newborn children. lying is my biggest peeve and i would very much like to poke them all with my very sharp sewing needles ...however i shant do that for it is ill mannered and well probably a bit worse than telling a little fib but i warn you those little fibs always get bigger and bigger and bigger so even when you've forgotten your homework or have skipped school don't lie about it it never ends well.
and that's it for my mini rant today i apologize readers it was something i needed to get off my chest so i hope you come by and read my blog again and blessed be.

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