Thursday, 11 October 2012

planning for the future

Good evening dear Readers,
                   This evening i want to highlight for those of you at that sort of age the most daunting and exciting time in a young persons life, moving out of your parents and in my case into a new home with a partner (obvs my boyfriend here in my case). Many of us have most likely lived with one or both of our parents and or a parent like figure so a new step that's as big as this is often quite frightening because its stepping in to the unknown and new.

there are many of us who would probably love to decorate our homes with lots of ooky spooky (i am quoting Voltaire's album here for those who do not know of Voltaire please YT him for humorous dark minded music) decor and paint the walls dark morbid colors like blacks, reds and purples and for some this is entirely possible and i am in no way saying you shouldn't im saying that when living with others you also have to take their opinions and interests in mind too but i would love to have rooms similar to this (i know its a bathroom but you must admit it's pretty cool)

and also there is the point of your budget may be smaller than you want it to be so you must make sure that necessities are covered like sleeping arrangement's and kitchen supplies.
but even with these setbacks you can always use some DIY and creativity to make your new home slightly spooky and macabre if you so wish. good luck to those of you making this step and blessed be!

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