Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Dark Heroine:book reveiw

greetings dark readers,
                today i am going to be reviewing a book that i recieved for my birthday in october and have just managed to finish it due to college work and jobs getting in the way. this is the book
now normally im a bit scepticall about new style vampire books especially after the twilight series in which vampires where made to 'sparkle' in the sun. now call me a downer i dont care but vampires should NOT sparkle in the sun so i was pleased to learn that our dark fiends in this particular 549 paged novel do burn in the sun, they dont die but they do get 3rd degree burns if they stay out too long once they have matured.
the main heroine of this tale is Violet Lee who just 'happened' to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, a vegetarian goody goody who got ok grades, never went out nearly as much as her friends would want her too and has a terminally ill sister with leukimia. I really connected with her sarcastic and often terrible wit but admired her bravery due to the situation she had been thrust into. it is well worth reading and the evil/loving/playboy prince of the vampires Kaspar who is sure to win you beautifuly dark minded girls hearts quickly even though he does start out as a colossal vampire jerk but hey at least he's doing what vampires should do and drinking human/hunters blood right?
well thats all i will say about the book for now im sure noone would want me to spoil the ending, but i give this book a 4 out of 5 stars and would recomend it to anyone who loves a sexy but gory vampire novel where there are REAL vampires that only sparkle when you through a tub of glitter over them. i will say though this book is NOT suitable for those who do not read mildely erotic tales, or are under the age of 15 this is a warning guys do not do it there are some pretty explicit descriptions in here ok. so happy reading and i hope to see you all when i post my next installment of The Travelling Gothic Witch
TaTa for now ^^

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