Monday, 19 November 2012

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Good evening my dark readers,
           today im going to be talking about another topic that is close to my heart that is not directly linked to my main blog topics of the gothic and the witchy but does at times overlap, well i think it does anyway so thats all that matters to me ^.^.
Anime or Animated television especially the japanese catagory is a passion of mine that i cannot seem to shake, whether it was Pokemon and Cardcaptors as a child to Elfen Lied and Pandora Hearts today i have allways been fascinated with the japanese animation programs with their fascinating often repetative story lines and captivating images.
Over the years I have been criticized for watching them and yes at times they did clash with my grades in high school because i used most of my free time either watching or reading (in the form of manga) these interesting and fantastical tales.
Most recently i have been fascinated with the dark plotlines of Pandora Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Elfen Lied and Vampire Knight as i slowely trudge through the online releases of the books after having watched their cartoon counterparts several months before and wanting to see if there was any more to the story. I patiently wait for each new chapter release and fill my time doing useful things such as homework, story writing and recreational art. But what has got me wondering is why people have such different opinions of people who watch and read these wonderful creations after they turn 10 years of age say, as you get older you are seen as weird if you continue to indulge in these things and are often veiwed as people who arent very cool, or as a little bit anti social. i would like to ask you my faithful readers around the world of what you think of people who do watch these programs and when if ever you think people should stop and go to watching other things (if you do comment please give examples of what you think people should be watching instead) i would very much like to hear your opinions and also if anyone has any topics they would like me to discuss please comment and i will strive to post something on them as soon as i am able.
Thankyou for reading and i hope you will continue to return and read my posts as i continue to touch on many different topics i come across as i the gothic travelling witch journies through life with all its mysteries so for now here are a few images from my current favourite anime Pandora Hearts for you (i do not own these they belong to their respective owners of copywrite)
blessed be and see you again soon i hope ^^

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