Wednesday, 26 February 2014

''Music review'': Taylor Davis and Adam Hurst

Welcome to my Dark and Gloomy realm of the music of the night my fabulous Darklings,
        Mwahaha..........Okay a bit OTT but I like having fun so there........Anyways (shifts awkwardly) This post I shall be indulging your ears with some spectacular Modern-Classical (as I like to phrase it) in the form of the wonderful Adam Hurst ,who those of you familiar with 2009 Vampire Balls Midnight Waltz will be fairly familiar with, and the glorious Taylor Davis.
Now both of these talented musicians have You-Tube accounts which I myself have recently come to be listening to their inspiring creations very frequently as of late. So let us start with the Magnificent Adam Hurst and his Cello.

Is he not just a wonderful player? As those of you who have read my previous music review post(s) will know I do enjoy listening to Cello players. However that does not mean in any way that I only listen to the Cello, Oh no and as such this is where I would like to highlight the lovely Taylor Davis and her inspired creations of popular game music, movie themes and own creations.

Each of these 2 musicians have unique styles and personalities but they share one very key element. The passion for music. I myself feel that every musician no matter how novice or underrated is truly great so long as they have a passion for what they do and they enjoy it. please go and check these people out and buy their albums if you like them its what helps keep music as beautiful as this turning up every day, year, week and minute.
blessed be

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