Monday, 24 February 2014

Valentines;a late post

Good day my Lovely Darklings,
                  This post I shall be regaling to you the wondrous weekend that was my Valentines with my wonderful partner Howard.

I had been planning all week to give him a gift that cannot be priced in anything but love and as such I took a leaf out of Japans book and made him chocolates

The recipe for which I used to guide me in making them can be found here I used very dark chocolate so they act as a treat to be eaten in small doses :) . In return he gave me 2 gifts for which I had not expected and scolded him for spending too much money although I didn't really mind as they where so gloriously beautiful and Anne Stokes is one of my favorite artists 
Are they not glorious?
That night he cooked a wonderful meal for me that was absolutely delicious as I have always had a fondness for oriental cuisine topped with a bottle of wine and candlelight it was a perfect evening. The next night we visited the Suffolk food barn for a decadent meal consisting of all locally sourced products such as Norfolk Mussels and Pheasant it was divine although my personal favorite was the desert baked pear wrapped in pastry with honey pecans and ice cream sumptuous and delicious 
I would highly recommend anyone visiting this establishment although be warned it is quite pricey but worth every penny that you spend.

What did you get up to on valentines this year? I would love to here your stories, answer your questions and queries at any time you can either leave me a comment or email me @ 
thank-you for reading and blessed be!

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