Saturday, 24 May 2014

Moving debauchle

Good day my wonderful little darklings,
             Ooh its good to be back. So I am most sincerely sorry about the delay in my posting, however, as I am sure you can guess by this post's title I have recently moved house.......well I say recently but it has actually been a few months since I moved. But that is not all, oh no, I have also 'recently' acquired a new job. Which in my opinion is a necessity if you move or else how would you be able to stay in your new house.

Unfortunately I still with my 'rents, that is no issue they are awesome but I know many would think that cause I need a job to pay as mentioned above I would have my own place but it doesn't really work like that...aka I cant afford it the UK is freaking expensive for young people.

Anyway....... so yeah......Please comment or email me @ for any requests and such I am much obliging to questions and queries as well, see you next time

Blessed be !

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