Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The influence of Japan

Greetings Darklings and witches ^^,
             It is a pleasure to have you visit my blog again and i thankyou for it :).
Todays post is about how the wonderful influence th\at japan culture has on the western world has influenced those of us in the alternative subcultures such as the gothic.
Firstly one of the more recent branches of gothic the gothic lolita has had a huge influence from its rise in the eastern world such as kimono style dresses being created like the one in the picture below
they come in many different colours and designs which makes them suitable for many different ocasions there are even ones in all black.

Then there is the rise in bands from Japan coming over to the UK and such and having a great number of supporters here. which all in all is a marvolous thing even if we dont allways understand the lyrics ^^.
It is never a bad thing to be influenced by other cultures and as a subculture we have done it for years from different era's of time and different cultures and all this has helped the subculture grow and expand into many different branches and also has spread the accesability of the shiny black things and wonderful music that we know and love all over the world so be creative and put whatever input you can into it for it makes us more accepted and remember to mind your manners so that we can have a good reputation in the future kudos and blessed be !

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