Monday, 25 February 2013

Mothers day

My dearest Darklings and Witches alike,

                Well its nearing mothers day once more and its a day i know i will be dreading for the simple fact of what on earth do i get my mother, especially seeing as chocolates and cake are off the gift list once again. If you are lucky enough to have a spooky mum that is the total oposite to mine then maybe a spooky greetings card and some black roses. and you can allways get your mum a new book or a CD no matter if they are spooky dark or not. For my Witchy readers things like inscence or maybe scented candles and the like. here are a few card designs i found online that if i ever have kids would love to recieve on a day like today ^^.

positively wonderful arent they? ^^

But i supose the most important thing about mothers day is to actually be nice to your mum and yes that does mean if they ask you to wear something a little less black (maybe a grey and black striped dress for a change?) or to not wear your robes and cloak or even to just not burn inscence for the day whatever they ask be cordial polite and where possible do it however if that is an imposibility dont worry too much im sure they will understand.
Till next time Blessed Be!

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