Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spread the Plague!

Good evening my wonderful darklings,
              My my my my my, I am all a flutter this evening for i had the fortune to open my email today to find an email from the asylum mailing list and to my glee read that the wonderful Miss Emilie Autumn is coming back to Europe this year and i most certainly will be hoping to attend when she comes to the UK in september.
For those of you readers who have not as of yet sampled her enthralling music i suggest that you please do then scurry back here to tell me what you think ^^.
As for my existing Plague Rat readers I hope to hear that you are looking forward to going also.
I was unfortunate enough to miss her concert last year but i am very happy to know that i will get a second chance to see the wonderful F.L.A.G. tour ^^.
Thats all for now darklings and dont forget to spread the plague!
Blessed Be!

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