Saturday, 6 February 2016

call centre blues and working woes

Good morning my patient Darklings,

                  Alas my dears the tedious droll movements of life have prevented me from regaling you with my adventures and exploits on this rock that we call our home (excepting of course the Gothically inclined aliens hacking our inter-webs of course)

The joys of the call centre in which I work are many but can be far between causing but one reaction

That is right dear readers boredom and if it where not for the joy of being able to plan various exploits around the world so that I may share more with you all I think I would have gone stark raving by now.

but enough moping I want to tell you all about the wondrous things that CAN come from working in a call centre....I know I know you must think me bonkers for even thinking it but there is a point to this trust me.

The monotonous repetition of each days work is the most mind numbing thing in existence I mean its insurance its not meant to be fun but then some one calls up with one of these.

okay okay okay I'm exaggerating just a little but then i am a little bit of a motor head when it comes to these things more like one of these

but these as i say are few and far between but if we do get one you can bet your pretty black lace parasol that the entirety of the building will know about it in 5 seconds flat.

Unfortunately most of the engines we lovingly protect and insure so they can be driven without blue lights flashing in your rear-view are more of this variety or at least that is what they feel like.

I may be exaggerating but WHO CARES this is my blog and I'll do what I want too :D
and lets not forget all the gossip on who's dating who and who's next on the firing line.
Image result for firing line

wowie I do so love a person in uniform ;)

so back to my main point of the day.  no matter how droll and boring your job may be try to find that little bit of fun in it and make it a magical experience so you can spend all the money you earn on fun things like leather coats and petticoats

Image result for magic moneyImage result for leather coats and petticoats
Blessed Be!

p.s. I do not own any photos all rights go to their creators although I do wish I could have that kitty it is so precious Luna out

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