Saturday, 10 January 2015


Good day my Darklings,

      And what a wet, dank and dreary one it is too. I wish I could take a picture and show you the pouring rain from outside my local libraries window for I am sure you would all agree that it is quite calming and beautiful.

However despite all this lovelyness there is a twinge in my little dark heart that I cannot go without sharing for unfortunately I once more find myself looking into the gaping void of unemployment and fortnightly visits to the dreaded Job centre (feel free to shudder in disgust).

But fear not dearsest dark hearts for I shall not abandon thee as I did last november for I shall still be travelling to Prague this coming easter and you shall still be prey to the insights of a the Travelling Gothic Witch in all thy wonderesssnessss.

So with that until the next night

Blessed Be!

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