Monday, 5 January 2015

Introducing:Kaida Fiorii Nighthrone

Good afternoon my precious darklings,

Today I shall be introducing you to the first of my novella's lead creations/characters. Darklings across the globe i present her now to you.

            My Name is Kaida Fiorii Nighthrone. I have only recently awoken as a vampyre princess. my older brother is one of the personifications of death and my sister has been lost to me for eleven painstaikingly long years. 

I practically crashed into this strange group of people known as the star striders and have become tentative allies with most of them. There is a young turned vampyre named Jordain he is infuriating but for some reason even though i hate him unconditionally I cannot bring my sefl to hurt him....he is the first person to ever drink my blood and we are bonded although I ferevently wish that we where not.

My clan is the only form of vampyre that can turn someone through bite alone and that makes us feared and hunted by the evil council of Kalian. Necromancers and villans all of them with their rutheless dark army and spies in every world.

I hunt to find my older twin sister I know she is out there somewhere I just have to find her.

Rumours fly about the prophecy of the blades but that is just a fairytale. Isnt it?

I do hope you enjoyed that little snippet my darklings and until next time.

Blessed Be!

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