Wednesday, 1 October 2014

writers block and puppets galore

Merry meet my wonderful darklings,
              Its here its finally here the best month of the year (and not just because its the month I was born in) October with its halloween festivities and stores filled with stripy tights and sweets and all manner of cheap decorations has arrived at last and goodness knows that I have been running out of patterned tights and skull decorated wrapping paper.

 It is the season to be spooky and you can bet your little black hearts that this month I will desperately try to be more productive.....I know I know I always say that but unfortunately the dreaded writers block has been plaguing my dark soul and i have yet to find a demon or ghoul to shift it or at least fill the gap (anyone know a good voodoo witch doctor?)

Aside from my anguished woes of self motivation and attempting to sell my art (which you can find here) My witchy fingers have been itching to do a little magic and here in the sunniest part of the UK I attended a glorious little festival for both the littlest witches to the maidens, mothers and the other ones (see terry pratchett Carpe Jugulum for that reference ;P ) there was all manner of things to see and do from conferences to shamanic drumming rituals and even a childrens storytime. Now it was quite hard to restrain myself from spending my well earned pieces of paper on all the shiney new wands and charms and books in sight but alas i just about managed it with barely enough to buy a wonderful meal in a local pub. Now this charming festival is called the harvest moon and it meets around this time every year in the magnificent and eclectic city of Norwich's Puppet Theatre (which is well worth a visit any time of the year) so if you ever end up in my neck of the woods ensure you try and check it out along with many of norwiches other splendid attractions which i will be divulging about to you over the next few posts but for now i leave you with this charming picture of the puppets and bid you farewell.
Blessed be!

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