Monday, 20 October 2014

The Light In the Darkness; Competition!

Dearest Darklings,

       As many of you may know the world is not always as it seems. Friends can turn to enemies, life to death, joy to sorrow and love to hate. But we must be strong for even in the darkest of times there is always light for without light there can be no darkness.

I would like to set a challenge to you all whether you be from America, Germany, Thailand, Israel or anywhere in this big wide world I would like you to take a picture of something that you find truly breathtaking and a light that shines through the greatest of the darkness. email them to me @ before midnight of november 1st 2014. The 10 pictures that best depict this theme will be published on this blog along with your name and website details (only if you want to disclose that make it clear in the email).

Additionally after the ten pictures have been posted you my readers can then vote for which is your favourite either through email or comments. voting will end at midnight 21st december and the winner will be announced shortly after. First prize is to have an canvas print of your picture sent to the artist.
Second prize is a framed print.
And third is a printed mug.

Let the Imagination thrive! You may begin!
Blessed be!

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