Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Malaga; a short trip

Greetings my delicious and ever faithful Darklings,
                     Well here we are as promised with the post of my first trip away this year to the 'sunny' Malaga. although the sunny bit was debatable at times it was still a nice if short (only 3 days long) trip to the golden shores of Spain. Well as any traveler will tell you generally the best way in which to find out the best 'tourist spots' i.e. the places people are most likely to visit and are generally recommended to visit is to take the tour bus. yes those of you in the west will have seen these buses everywhere they're big, red and have annoying tour recordings that tell you barely anything just after you've past the attraction that its talking about but here is a picture of it anyway for those of you who may have not seen them before.

and of course no trip to Malaga would be complete without taking a visit to pay your respects to the lady of Malaga herself.

however for those of you artistic types there is an art gallery here that will be sure to get your art senses tingling the very original Art gallery of the great Picasso .
unfortunately for all of us internet sprites of the world photography is strictly prohibited on the site due to copyright reasonings etcetc.
and one last point for this post make sure you visit the main squares dotted around this city as they are filled with little shops cafes and eateries that will make you squee with delight at their lovely goodies so for now goodnight and blessed be i shall see you on the next post ^^.

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