Monday, 9 September 2013

Arising from the dead!

Good afternoon my dear, faithful, patient and possibly bored Darklings,
              I am pleased to say that after my 'short' hiatus from my blog I AM BACK! So much has happened in the time that I have been absent from your computer screens that I am positively befuddled on where to start with Mabon just around the corner, the concert I have been waiting all year to go to at the end of this week and my 3 count of three trips away I have currently done this year and not had the time to be able to tell you about (I know I'm a very bad travel blogger but meh so long as you enjoy reading it I'm happy even if it is overdue ^^) well as I say there is much for me to tell you about and you to become engrossed in over my next number of posts. I will have haul posts, travel advice posts, places of interest posts and much much more for your little dark souls to digest and enjoy but for now enjoy this adorable picture of a cat called Poppy whom I met whilst visiting my grandmother in Texas blessed be!

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