Monday, 14 May 2012

Good news!

Good afternoon my dark friends and readers,
                        I have some great news for you all this summer around July august i will be visiting not one but two amazing travell destinations for me to tell you all about and they are the gloriously gothic seaside town of Whitby Yorkshire UK and the hot and vibrant lone star state of Texas USA!
Addmitadly i will be going into a bit about weddings abroad due to the fact that my lovely mum is getting married for the 3rd time in when we visit Texas so it should be an educational time for all of us me included my darklings.
I also have recently started my new Job at the Freeport Braintree and am finally earning some well needed cash to fund my wardrobe and my cooking experiments ^^ i hope to show you some spooky creations as i progress and also some witchy recipies that can be used for sabbats and estbats alike my readers of the witchy inclination.
Thats all i have time for today so until next time adieu.
Brightest blessings to you all.

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  1. omg so jealous of you going to texas!!!!! will be amazing, wish I was coming :D xx