Tuesday, 30 August 2016

stories of poetry

greetings darklings from the wonderful interwebs,

            a peculiar tale I have to share this day one to enthral and enchant like a spell,
stories I weave like a spider weaves webs, of travels and magick and wonders on the web.

this is a tale you might have heard before but worry not for it might surprise you for what I have in store. a tale of wonder and mystery and spice this is the tale of sugar and spice;

Our little cottage in the woods,
It smells of our favourite things sugar and spice,
They call us the two little witches of baking, our names can you guess? sugar and spice,
Stirring and whisking and baking all day sugar and spice and all things nice,
Treats for girls and boys alike say thankyou muchley sugar and spice,
Halloween comes around again and we disapear cottage and all the ghosts of the smell lingering by Good bye sugar and spice thankyou for the treats and come back soon.

blessed be my darklings I shall see you again soon

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