Sunday, 24 November 2013

Reverie Metherlence (aka Ren) hits MCM London

Greetings My wonderful yet silent Darklings,
                       My goodness I'm not very good at keeping up with these posts am I? Oh dear! Well fear not my readers for here i am once more to show you the awesome pictures i took whilst away in London for my 20th B'Day yes i have left my teenage years behind.....its scary 
But its OK cause I spent the weekend with my wonderful Boyfriend Howard. Here we are in our expo cosplays, Photo courteous of Cosplay Portrait
But first a big praise to him for his birthday gift to me was to see the wonderful west end show that has been running for 26 years, can you guess what it is yet?

Well I guess I Kinda gave it away there didn't I ^^. He also got us a bottle of wine and he managed to keep this a secret for 4 i repeat FOUR MONTHS and despite my constant nagging and.....ahem,......begging (of which i know is not very ladylike but ah well i wanted to know) he persisted to not tell me till about half hour before we where due to leave ^^.
It was a wonderful evening and we went to Yo!Sushi for dinner (I love Japanese food so was a real treat)
But we had to get up early the next day for the second highlight of the weekend and that was MCM London Oct 2013.

So here it is my long awaited pictures of the many Cosplayer's at this years expo, unfortunately there are not that many due to my camera not playing ball but what can you do please if you see yourself comment and tell us who you where ^^

Well thats all for this post my wonderfull darklings remember to keep reading, comment or email me with anything you want to see here or any questions or quieries you have @ 
blessed be!

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