Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yer a Wizard 'Arry! (spoiler alert!)

Greetings my precious Darklings,
           as you may have guessed by the title all you potter fans yes thats right i shall be doing a post about the famous Harry Potter but not the films or the books oh no i shall be endulging you little online vampire bats all about the wonders that is the Harry Potter Film Studios ^^.
Witht the illustrious Tom Felton on the recorded guides a rather expensive camera and my family i had a wail of a time.
The great hall smaller than i thought but still magnificent
beware the deatheaters at malfoy manor
does anyone remember this from the yule ball?

cosutumes galore where everywhere around the exhibits of sets
they used the same beds for every year and they where built for 11 year olds they where tiny ^^
and lastley the castle in all its glory for i do not wish to spoil the rest of the supprises that lay in store for you at the warner brothers harry potter studio tour

if you want a day of a lifetime then i suggest you visit this as it is amazing and wonderful but most importantly magical, no matter where in the world you hail from as long as you are a fan of the boy who lived then this is the perfect attraction for you. i would like to point out now that all pictures on this post where taken by myself thankyou and blessed be!

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