Wednesday, 12 September 2012

North Yorkshire-Whitby

Greetings my beautifully dark readers,
               As you all know i love to travel hence my title as travelling gothic witch :)
this year i travelled not too far from my home town (around a 5 hour drive away) to the historic and somewhat spooky north Yorkshire seaside town of Whitby. many of you may recognise it as one of the settings for Bram Stokers infamous Dracula. during the week i played crazy golf on top of the cliff by the whale bones, walked up the 199 steps to the abbey ruins, spent a lot of time with my grandparents in their 3 story town house and most importantly brought a whole new outfit from a shop called pandemonium. unfortunately i have no pictures as of yet to show you all but fret not for i will be visiting again next summer with my wonderful boyfriend and i shall show you in full the wonders of this historic seaside fishing village
blessed be!

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