Wednesday, 4 July 2012

posh afternoon teatimings

my precious darklings and witches alike,
                            i apologize for my lengthy absence it was by no means intentional.
quite recently i attended afternoon tea as a school trip with the college that i currently attend and it was in two words, deviously divine.
the beautiful entrance to the Connaught hotel just oozes elegance and refinement from it's pores (if it had any)

who doesn't love a bit of a sugar lump form suck on (although is meant only for the tea i suppose darklings)

even the table setting is posh and refined
 3 tiers of delectible indulgence

sandwitches anyone? (pun intended dear friends)

these delectable treats all have a fruity theme can you guess what is what?

chocolate treats with a strawberry and razzelberry jelly on the side (yes the lillypad is actually green chocolate fondant)

jam and cream anyone?

cinnamon scone and apple and elder flower jam with just a dollop of clotted cream

maple profiterolls with blackcurrent jam

chocolate base with a vanilla cream filling and green chocolate decoration

various types of pound cake made with fresh fruit

orchids in bloom (aren't they gorgeous even those of us with the darker mindset can see that)

And lastly a picture of me your gracious informant in the ins and outs of travelling, exploring and experiencing life as a Gothic and a witch, the Connaught hotel graciously accepts all formal dress codes (jeans are still acceptable though) and so long as you don't wear trainers they have no problem at all with us darklings attending and enjoying their high class confectioneries.

i will try to blog you more tidbits of darker life and witchin possibility's and i apologize again for my tardiness in informing you all.
good evening my dear dark minded fellows i hope you enjoy this wonderful night and to my witchy readers blessed be!

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